Indonesian poultry associations to straighten false assumptions

06-10-2011 | | |

Indonesian consumers think that eggs contain too much bad cholesterol content, an assumption that the Indonesian poultry industry has taken step to try to change.

Another assumption is that broiler meat is not good for health because some hormones are injected during the rearing period of broiler so that it can grow fast.

In order to straighten those false assumptions, on October 4, 2011, 14 poultry related associations invited 30 journalists of print and web based media and TV reporters to visit a poultry slaughter house located in Bogor  and owned by PT Sierad Produce, one of the largest poultry integrators in Indonesia.

The chairman of this event, Rakhmat Nuriyanto, said that the event was intended to explain about the integration process of poultry started from on-farm to off-farm to the journalists. “They should know about how we produce egg and broiler meat clearly. They also should know that eggs are good for our health. And the issue about hormone is misleading. Broilers can grow fast because of good genetic potency which is supported by good nutrition intake, not because of hormones,” he explained.

As a follow-up event, the committee of the journalist event will conduct a chicken and egg festival on October 15, 2011 in Jakarta. This campaign based event is aimed to increase national poultry meat and egg consumption.