Indonesian poultry growth triggers Olmix expansion

06-05-2011 | | |
Indonesian poultry growth triggers Olmix expansion

The chief representative officer of Olmix in Indonesia, Guy Jaeckel, said that Indonesia is a big market with a big human population therefore worthy of expansion, writes Arief Fachrudin for World Poultry.

“The Indonesian poultry industry is growing fast. Besides that, its poultry meat and egg consumption per capita per year are very low if compared to the US and Europe. But the trend of poultry meat and egg consumption per capita in Indonesia is increasing from year to year. This condition is a big opportunity for our company. So, that is why we expand our business here,” Jaeckel explained about the market potency in Indonesia.

Jaeckel added that the presence of Olmix in Indonesia will help their two distributors, IMA and TDN, to provdie better sales and after-sales services to their Indonesian customers. “In Indonesia, we have been introducing two products such as MT.X+, a natural product of mycotoxin binder created from nanotechnology, and Mistral, a natural product for improved hygiene and welfare in animal husbandry. MT.X+ has been registered here, while Mistral is in the process. We are now also registering MFeed, an alternative natural product to antibiotic growth promoter. We hope that at the end of this year, the registration of MFeed will be complete,” Jaeckel said.

He argued that the Indonesian market of natural products is still young. “That is why we, Olmix, have to be more persuasive to convince our Indonesian customers. Regarding to this, we will conduct several studies together with some companies and universities in order to get local data of our products. With local data, we could show the benefits of our products. For Mistral, we will cooperate with Charoen Pokphand Indonesia’s duck farm and a small broiler breeder company. While for MT.X+, we will cooperate with Japfa Comfeed Indonesia. And also with Bogor Agricultural University to learn the efficacy of MT.X+ in commercial layers,” he said.     

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