Industry groups support FDA findings on animal clones

29-12-2006 | | |

Various industry groups have supported the findings of the US Food and Drug Administration, which has reported that meat from cloned animals is safe to eat.

The American Meat Institute says “consumers should be reassured that the FDA risk assessment on animal cloning, like other studies that have preceded it, affirms the safety of food products derived from animal clones and their offspring.”
The AMI does, however, recognise that some consumers have concerns about food from cloned animals, and has urged the government to “assist consumers in understanding what cloning is, and what it is not, so that overall consumer confidence in the food supply is maintained.”
“It is also important to stress that FDA is just beginning a dialogue with the public on this matter and a voluntary moratorium on the sale of meat from cloned animals remains in place,” the organisation said in a statement.
The International Dairy Foods Association and the Biotechnology Industry Organisation expressed similar sentiments in their statements issued in response to the FDA’s release of draft documents for public comment. They are positive about the findings of the FDA, but also aware that comprehensive public consultation is necessary.