InnovSpace: Alarm system VigEbox

12-09-2012 | | |
InnovSpace: Alarm system VigEbox

VigEbox is the only completely interactive alarm. The major innovation of this new kind of alarm is that it is connected by Ethernet network to all new generation controller and computer ranges.

Ambient regulators, food computers, weighing of animals (AVIbox, AVItouch, Wintofeed, PESbox…) all are taken into account.

VigEbox brings a comprehensive view of the farm and its follow-up while being user friendly. It transmits, in a centralised way, all the crossing of thresholds. Staying an independent controller, VigEbox is able to supervise, collect then alert on all the critical points of the farm by indicating very precisely the problem detected and its exact origin.

Where the preceding generation of alarm indicated “regulating defect”, VigEbox is able to indicate if it is about a defect of temperature, hygrometry, water consumption, food, gas, of weighing, of distribution, by giving the levels reached and the thresholds programmed.

VigEbox is more than an alarm. It can be programmed to alert for maintenance to be done on a pump, a valve or a task to be carried out. It reminds you, and it is able to manage a complete calendar of maintenance.

Connected to Internet, the alarm is consultable and controllable remotely by computer, smartphone or touch tablet. The farmer manager can acknowledge the defect or suspend the control. The sending of e-mail is also possible when a defect is detected.

This product was awarded Two stars by an independent jury of experts – Tuffigo Rapidex, Quimper, France.