Innov’Space: Anti-mite nutritional supplement Noreds

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Innov’Space: Anti-mite nutritional supplement Noreds

At research institute IRSEA a nutritional supplement has been develop for fighting red mites in poultry.

Dermanyssus gallinae, a social mite, commonly named ‘chicken red mite’ is currently a worldwide pest. The remarkable social organisation in its colonies may be seen as an interesting pitch in the development of new strategies against such a species, which has resisted to every classical treatment.

In 2003, the IRSEA researchers, identified a new semiochemical, the DDRA (Duck Dermanyssus Repellent Allomone) secreted in the uropygial glands of the duck.

Different studies, performed in laboratory, or in infested poultry farms, have shown that DDRA disturbs the social behaviour of these mites.

DDRA is excreted, unmodified, through the uropygial glands and through the excrements. In presence of the DDRA, the adult female mites, stop taking blood and as a consequence, do not any longer release the social pheromone responsible for the aggregation of mites in colonies.

It leads to a deterioration of the colonies, the nymphae, now exposed and vulnerable; they die spontaneously, or become much easier to destroy.

The adding of sunflower oil, rich in eicosanoïd precursors, known to play a role in modulating inflammation and stress, improves the hens’ quality of life when living in infested poultry farms.

This new approach may be seen as an example for the control of a mite, without using xenobiotic or toxic substances.

This product was awarded Two stars by an independent jury of experts – IRSEA – Institut de Recherche, Saint Saturnin D’Apt.

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