Innov’Space: Management computer Genius iTouch

12-09-2012 | | |
Innov’Space: Management computer Genius iTouch

The Genius iTouch is an innovative new computer based control, which is used for livestock production management including: controlling ventilation, heating, air inlets, feed, lighting, measures animal weight, and feed and water consumption.

Equipped with colour touch multi-point capacitive screen, this computer based control integrates the same touch screen characteristics found in today’s leading edge tablets.

The Genius iTouch comes with a multitasking computer operating system that can operate multiple software applications at the same time. There is a vast selection of software applications available to users dealing with livestock management and equipment control.

The iTouch Genius is equipped with the most popular connection interfaces available on the market today, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and the SD cards.

This product was awarded One star by the independent jury of experts – Becot Climatique, Bressuire, France.

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