International Egg Nutrition Consortium established

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International Egg Nutrition Consortium established
International Egg Nutrition Consortium established

The IEC is endorsing the set up an ‘International Egg Nutrition Consortium’ with the aim of forming a global communications network of egg nutrition professionals.

This initiative was the idea of the Egg Nutrition Center in the USA and represents a step forward in communication within the global egg industry.

Several countries already have some form of health/nutrition expertise to provide educational information and counsel on the health benefits of eggs. The level of support ranges from a fully staffed nutrition research center in the USA (The Egg Nutrition Center), to countries that employ external consultants on an as-needed basis.

Regardless of the level of support however, it is rare that the nutrition experts in the various countries communicate with one another to share information or provide insights to one another. 

The development of an International Egg Nutrition Consortium will provide members with a vehicle for sharing health, nutrition, and research advice and information. It would make it easier to share resources, and prevent unnecessary re-development of existing materials. Having contacts in different countries could be helpful when dealing with government regulations, refuting misinformation, or providing new or existing research information that might not otherwise be readily available.

As a first step, the Consortium is identifying the health/nutrition experts who support the egg industry in various countries.

Source: IEC

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