Intervet: take out some hurdles in regulations

15-06-2007 | | |

The European Union should get rid of unnecessary regulations for medicins and vaccines for the animal health industry.

This opinion was stated by Intervet CEO Ruurd Stolp at last week’s Agri Vision conference in Noordwijk-aan-Zee, the Netherlands, organised by Nutreco.
Speaking to an attendance of over 300 people, Stolp told that on average it takes ‘a minimum of twelve years’ for a EU animal health company to develop a new product, from intoductory planning to marketing.
In his view, this makes EU animal health companies highly uncompetitive, when compared to companies elsewhere in the world, for whom it takes 4 to 8 years, he said.
“We need to take out hurdles,” Stolp continued. “Don’t get me wrong, I think regulations on animal health products are necessary. I only feel that here in Europe they might have overdone things a little bit, especially when it comes down to emerging diseases.”
“Look at countries like China and India; these are regions that harbour a lot of capable and intelligent people. They can always develop vaccines or medicines rather quickly.”
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