Investment made in UK halal poultry business

29-12-2010 | | |

Gafoor poultry Products Ltd, one of the UK’s longest serving halal poultry processors, is reaping the benefits from a substantial investment at the purpose-built high-tech processing plant in Preston, Lancashire.

An initial investment of £4million was injected in the business to automate the factory and to boost production. A further capital investment was made to bring the company’s environmental commitments in line with UK/EU legislation.

Gafoor also achieved British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard accreditation in recognition of the advances the company has made in ensuring exacting high standards of food safety. Gafoor spokesperson Dave Broxton said: “Our strategy is to become one of the UK’s leading providers of chicken products, not only to the halal market but also to the conventional chicken sector. Gaining BRC accreditation is the key to unlocking the doors to blue chip food manufacturers and supermarkets.”

Gafoor sources over 80 percent of its birds from local farms and is now a key employer in the area and processes over 450,000 birds a week.

The plant suffered a set-back in mid-December when a fired engulfed the premises, and an investigation is still ongoing to determine the cause.