Irish eggs are free of salmonella

09-04-2007 | | |
Irish eggs are free of salmonella

Strict measures to control salmonella in laying flocks in Ireland seems to have paid off.

According to a major new survey, analysis of over 5,000 egg samples showed just two contained salmonella in their shell and none in the egg contents. This contrasts with the 1980s when there was a steep rise in the number of human cases of salmonella enteritidis, which causes severe and sometimes fatal food poisoning.
The results were very encouraging as they showed control methods had been effective in Ireland, said chief executive Martin Higgins, Safefood, thw company which conducted the survey.
“Infections from salmonella in the human population are therefore unlikely to result from eating eggs that have been produced on the island of Ireland,” he said.
The virtual elimination of salmonella in Irish eggs compares favourably with the situation in the UK, where it was considerably higher in a recent survey.