Italy and Greece still defying EU cage ban

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Italy and Greece still defying EU cage ban
Italy and Greece still defying EU cage ban

Italy and Greece are the last two EU countries still defying the ban on conventional cages, with an estimated 20 million birds kept in illegal systems.

The EU Commission stopped giving out official figures last year, but this latest figure has been obtained by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and is thought to have derived from a Dutch government source, Poultry World reports. The welfare body said it welcomed the progress that had been made since the new cage legislation took effect on 1 January 2012, at which time 14 member states with over 50 million hens were in non-compliance.

“But, more than a year after the law came into force, were are calling for urgent action over the appalling lack of progress in Greece and Italy,” said a statement.

Annamaria Pisapia, head of CIWF’s Italian office, said: “To our shame, Italy is last when it comes to getting rid of cruel barren battery cages. Italy accounts for the majority of the 20 million laying hens estimated to still be in barren cages in the EU.” Olga Kikou, CIWF’s European affairs manager, described the situation in Greece as “lamentable”.

The EU Commission has indicated that it is likely to refer continuing offenders to the European Court of Justice later this month. But a court hearing is likely to take at least a year and any fine, if found guilty, will take into account the member state’s ability to pay.

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