Jamesway and Aviagen host first joint hatchery seminar

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Jamesway and Aviagen host first joint hatchery seminar
Jamesway and Aviagen host first joint hatchery seminar

Aviagen and Jamesway Incubator Company, two global companies dedicated to servicing and supporting the poultry industry, came together to host their first joint hatchery seminar aimed at sharing knowledge and best practices with customers.

More than 35 enthusiastic hatchery managers and personnel gathered on August 29, 2012, at the Jamesway facility in Cambridge, Ontario, for a full day of continuing education in hatchery techniques, hatch profiles, and innovative approaches to ensure quality hatch and healthy chicks.

Participants, who hailed from five Canadian provinces, were eager to learn about the updates in equipment technology, the specifics of hatching high-yield birds, and profiles for optimising hatch.

Aviagen’s participation captivated the audience with topics that included needs of a developing embryo, critical value of egg turning, and calibration for perfection and egg storage. Dr Dinah Nicholson, global manager of hatchery development and support was joined by incubation specialists Eddy Van Lierde and Guo Jun as well as Dr Steven Tullett, a hatchery consultant on behalf of Aviagen.

The Jamesway contribution was led by area sales manager Daniel Ferrari and augmented by Jerry Garrison, consultant/technical advisor, sales engineering manager Victoria Frail, and installation/technical services manager Linet Price, who spearheaded discussions on the latest incubation techniques and equipment updates. Dominic Babineau, vice president of International Development at Soteck also discussed waste management with the attendees.

The day concluded as Dr Nicholson led the group in a case study involving a real-world scenario in problem solving which lead to insights and solutions that participants could incorporate at their hatcheries to improve production.