Jamesway’s SST egg transport system now for turkeys

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Jamesway’s SST egg transport system now for turkeys

Jamesway’s patented Self Stacking Tray (SST) transport system is now available for chick and turkey. The system was designed with two elements in mind: maximum efficiency and egg capacity.

With these factors in mind, Jamesway created the innovative SST Egg Flat system, allowing for increased payloads on transport trailers, and avoiding shipping and subsequent disposal of traditionally used cardboard boxes.

The SST egg transport system can double the amount of eggs that a typical transport vehicle can deliver from the farm to the hatchery. The interlocking side rails of the plastic flats stack securely on special guides, moulded into Jamesway’s reusable plastic pallets.

Once the pallets are loaded, the flats are secured for transport with the plastic wrap that is easily removed when the eggs arrive at the hatchery.

Safe transport is further secured by inflatable air pillows that are placed between the pallets and the walls and between the two pallets down the length of the trailer. This system ensures there is less breakage and hairline cracks during transport.

The flat is constructed from resilient polypropylene material that gently cushions eggs to protect against breakage. The material is also intolerant to microorganisms, and easy to clean and disinfect, reducing the potential for disease. Each SST egg flat holds 84 eggs and can be used in all Jamesway incubator racks and if required Jamesway farm racks.

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