Jansen Poultry Equipment expands its egg collection systems

23-11-2010 | | |

Jansen Poultry Equipment has expanded its egg collection systems with the MultiFlex Elevator.

The MultiFlex Elevator is used to transfer eggs from multiple tiers to a cross conveyor or egg collection table, such as with 2-tier laying nest and VolMaxx commune layer cage and suitable for poultry houses with multiple floors or multi-tier Comfort aviary or nest systems.

The MultiFlex elevator can easily over-bridge differences in height; without having to use elaborate conveyor systems. It is an egg carrier with minimal contact between egg and carrier, therefore the chance of star cracks and cracked eggs plus contamination are greatly reduced.

The egg transfer between the egg belt and the MultiFlex Elevator ensures a smooth transition of the egg unto the elevator. The egg transfer also separates shell-less eggs and expells any possible dirt into the dirt collection tray situated underneath.  At both the entry and exit unit of the MultiFlex Elevator a curve guiding system is implemented, this prevents eggs from being bounced into each other. This is an important characteristic, which prevents star cracks and cracked eggs.

The integrated dirt collection tray underneath each transfer and exit unit, which collects dirt and shell-less eggs, is easy to remove and clean. The MultiFlex Elevator takes up a minimum of space and because of that more of the house’s floor space can be used to house more birds.

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