Janssen AH proves effective parasite control

04-08-2010 | | |

A recent study has demonstrated that birds which were treated with Flubenvet of Janssen Animal Health benefited from deworming. The treatment appeared over 99% effective.

The trial, done to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Standards, involved 48 chickens that had become naturally infected with three different poultry worms – Capillaria (Hairworm) species, Heterakis gallinarum (Caecal worm) and Ascaridia galii (Large roundworm). The birds were randomly assigned to one of three groups:  a  “Flubenvet” treated group, a herbal wormer treated group and a control group.

The herbal treatment was administered for 3 days in-feed, as required by the instructions and Flubenvet was given for 7 days as required on the product data sheet. Droppings were collected from individual birds and group pens at intervals for 2 weeks and examined for the presence of worm eggs.

The results showed that very few worm eggs were present after one 7-day treatment with Flubenvet. In contrast, those that had no treatment or the herbal treatment still had hundreds of worm eggs in their droppings, suggesting that there were still many adult egg-laying worms present inside the chickens.


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