Jim McAdam honoured by Scottish poultry industry

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Jim McAdam honoured by Scottish poultry industry
Jim McAdam honoured by Scottish poultry industry

Jim McAdam, UK Breeding Programme Director, Aviagen Limited, has been presented with the prestigious Howie Surgenor Cup in recognition of his major contribution to the Scottish poultry industry by the Poultry Club of Scotland at its annual dinner.

McAdam studied genetics and poultry breeding at Edinburgh University in the mid-1970s and has been an instrumental part of Aviagen’s breeding programmes since 1978. Throughout his career he has travelled extensively and has been involved in the company’s breeding programmes across the world visiting India, South Africa and Brazil, amongst others, never straying from his mantra of natural selection and selecting traits for welfare as part of overall performance.

“I was incredibly surprised to have been given this award but I am very honoured to have my work in the industry recognised in this way and to be presented with such a prestigious trophy,” McAdam said.

Graeme Dear, General Manager, Aviagen Limited, said: “Outside of broiler breeding the other sectors of the poultry industry/value chain will be largely unaware of the benefit that Jim’s enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment has brought to poultry meat producers, processors and consumers – today, certainly in Scotland, they are well aware now.

“A large part of the global success of the Ross 308 comes from Jim’s steering and diligence to produce the world’s best broiler breeder through a balanced breeding programme. His efforts cannot be understated on a world scale in making a major contribution towards the universal availability of high quality chicken meat at an affordable price.”