Jordan’s poultry breeders protest goverment’s decision on eggs

10-09-2012 | | |
Jordan’s poultry breeders protest goverment’s decision on eggs

Jordan’s poultry breeders held a sit-in outside the agriculture ministry, asking the government to take a series of measures to help the sector, local media has reported.

Among the poultry breeder’s demands were lifting the sales tax on chicken and eggs, removal of barriers in place that allow cheaper Asian labourers into the sector, fodder subsidies, and monitoring of retailers. But first among their demands is the reversal of a decision taken that allows the import of eggs. The sector is saying that the market can be adequately supplied by domestic producers.
The poultry breeders have also called upon the government to stop allowing imports of frozen chicken, claiming that imported products are adulterating the price for poultry and driving that price down.

The agriculture ministry, responding to the sit-in, is proposing to form a committee representing all involved parties to start a dialogue and address their needs, Nimer Haddadin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture said.

The demonstrators refused.

The decision to allow egg imports had been made after local production fell and consumer prices rose due to inadequate supply.

Jordan poultry sector is estimated to be worth about €2.23 billion, and is therefore vital to the country’s economy.

Source: Menaf