Kazakhstan to double turkey production in 2013

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Kazakhstan to double turkey production in 2013
Kazakhstan to double turkey production in 2013

Ordabasy Kus, which is currently responsible for all industrial turkey production in Kazakhstan, has announced a large investment project aimed at increasing production capacity from the current 5,000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes through the construction of the second stage on its turkey production complex.

According to the official report the company has received KZT 1.3 bln (US$ 8.6 mln) of the support from the state for the purchase of equipment for 10 new poultry houses. The construction work has already started and the company plans to finish by the end of 2013. The furnishing, delivery and installation of the equipment will be carried out by the Israeli company MAD, which did the same work on the first phase of the turkey complex construction.

“Ten new poultry houses will allow us to double the number of poultry and, accordingly double final production”, reported Marat Togaev, head of Ordabasy құs. “The slaughter facilities, feed mill and processing complex were originally designed for a capacity of 10,000 tonnes, so they will not be expanded at this time. At the initial stage of construction, we put in place the necessary engineering infrastructure for future expansion.”

The representatives of the company also reported that in 2014 the implementation of the third stage of the project is scheduled which will provide increases of 20% in production capacities. At the same time Ordabasy құs plans to create its own breed stock and production of hatching eggs, which are still being imported from Canada.

The increased production will allow the company to boost export. Currently about 30% of all production exported goes primarily to Russia. In the coming years the company also plans to start supplying turkey to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent
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