Kazakhstan’s poultry and egg production grows in 2011

14-03-2012 | | |

Poultry farms in Kazakhstan produced about 96,000 tonnes of poultry meat last year, which is 102% more than during 2010.

Egg production also increased by 101% and reached 2.4 billion pieces by the end of the year.  “The industry has achieved such results through its own efforts as well as due to strong support of the state,” the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan stated.

In 2011, the country’s poultry enterprises received a grant of 10.5 billion tenge (US$ 71 mln), this also enabled the republic to construct three new large poultry farms.

On the advice of the Union of Poultry Farmers the Government allocated 200,000 tonnes of feed grains to the needs of poultry industry from the stabilisation fund. This almost completely solved the problem of lack of grain – one of the most difficult problems, which according to experts significantly hampered the development of the industry over the past few years.

This year, the Union of Poultry Farmers make plans to include direct participation in the process of quota allocation (grant) among poultry farms, which experts estimate will give a new impetus to the development of the industry.

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