Kyrgyzstan restricts poultry imports from Russia and Kazakhstan

09-09-2011 | | |

At a recent meeting of the government of Kyrgyzstan, Minister of Agriculture Torogul Bekov suggested to enter a customs tariff of 30% on imports of poultry meat and eggs from Russia and Kazakhstan.

These countries together currently have a share of about 75% out of total import supplies volume in Kyrgyzstan.

Justifying the need for such measure, the Minister said: “In 2010 Kyrgyzstan imported poultry products from Russia and Kazakhstan with a total value of $60 million, with about $3 million being spent on the purchasing of chicken eggs, which our farmers already produced a lot by themselves.”

“Our producers can not compete with dumping prices of Kazakhstan and Russia. Nowadays the cost of poultry production in Kyrgyzstan is much more expensive, for example, the cost of one egg in Kyrgyzstan is estimated at 4.5 soms (US$0.1), while 1 kg of poultry costs 80 soms (US$ 1.8). Our poultry farmers, who are selling their products cheaper than imported, are suffering huge losses “- added Bekov.

According to him, it is necessary to temporarily introduce high tariffs on imports of poultry meat and chicken eggs at a rate of 30%. In 2010, poultry imports to Kyrgyzstan amounted to 87.6 thousand tonnes, with a domestic production rate of 4.4 tonnes. While imports of chicken eggs amounted at 56.6 million pieces, 373 million units where the country’s own products.

First Vice-Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov ordered the creation of an interdepartmental commission with the main goals to consider all aspects of poultry import restriction and to make suggestions to the government within a week.