Large poultry farm commissioned in Estonia

13-12-2012 | | |
Large poultry farm commissioned in Estonia
Large poultry farm commissioned in Estonia

Tallegg, one of the largest poultry producers in Estonia, has launched its new poultry farm in West-Viru County. The new farm is designed to simultaneously keep 224,000 chickens, according to a recent press-release of the company.

The company has rebuilt the old poultry farm Väike Maarja that remains since the time of the Soviet Union. The new farm meets all veterinary requirements of the European Union. It will involve the use of modern poultry feeding technology with non-dried grain. Previously, all production facilities of Tallegg were concentrated near Tallinn and this is the first farm to be located at a distance from the country’s capital.

“If we want to increase the volume of broiler production, then we have to go where the farms of the Soviet Union still exist, and to repair them,” said the Chairman of the Board of Tallegg, Teet Soorm.

The farm will be the sixth production facility of Tallegg, and will allow the company to exceed production capacity of 11 million of broilers per year. The production capacity of the new farm in West-Viru County is 1.7 million chickens a year.

The demand for poultry meat in Estonia currently exceeds supply – production covers the needs of Estonian citizens by only 59%. “Poultry meat and eggs – it’s the only thing we do not export, but import. The share of imports exceeds 30%. This means that we have the opportunity to develop our production in Estonia,” concluded Soorm.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent