Layer hen cage size to increase in NSW

05-11-2007 | | |

An improvement in conditions for layer hens can be expected in NSW with an increase in the size of layer cages as from 1 January, 2008, as promised by the government.

In a move aimed at improving the welfare of the birds, national legislation has been amended to increase the size of layer cages, said Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald.
NSW will now come into line with other states, including Queensland and Victoria, which have already adopted the increased cage sizes in the amended Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1979) .
The volume of cages in NSW will increase in volume from 450 square centimetres to the new national standard of 550 square centimetres, with more cage height and door width.
“Those hens will be able to move a little bit more freely within these larger cages as per the national framework,” said Macdonald, adding that many in the egg industry, worth $115 million to the state, were supportive of the changes.
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