Level of Russian poultry imports remains stable in 2011

02-12-2011 | | |

Russia’s total volume of poultry imports in January-September 2011 equaled the volume of imports in 2010, but is 58% lower than in 2009. In monetary terms poultry meat imports in the current year amounted to slightly more than US $ 364 million.

The largest exporter of poultry meat to Russia was the United States of America. Imports from the US this year reached 140 thousand tonnes of poultry, equating to 53% of total imports. About 22% out of total imports came from Brazil (57 tonnes), followed by EU countries: Germany (10%) and France (6.8%).

The total volume of imports of poultry meat from other countries during this period does not exceed 8.5% of total imports to the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that imports of Ukrainian poultry to Russia intensified this year, supplying about 4.5 tonnes and reaching a share of 1.7% of total imports.

Poultry import supplies from Belarus in January-August 2011 were about 44.6 thousand tons which is 17% higher than during the same period last year.

Export of poultry meat in January-September of 2011 amounted to 13.5 thousand tons or US$ 10.7 million. The main shares of export were delivered to South-East Asia, including Hong Kong (57.6%), Vietnam (20%), CIS countries (a total of 6.1%, while the main consumer is the Republic of Abkhazia), and in some EU countries (a total of 4 7%). Importing countries prefer to buy poultry offal and whole carcasses, accounting for 94% and 3% respectively.