Linco HFS 2010 meets upcoming EU standards

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Linco HFS 2010 meets upcoming EU standards

Early this year, Baader Linco introduced their HFS 2010 high frequency stunner. This was well received and currently the system is being implemented in processing plants around the world. The HFS 2010 fully complies with the 2013 stunning regulations in the EU.

During redesigning their high frequency water stunner, Linco Food Systems found out that the University of Bristol was working with the industry and the EU on new regulations regarding the stunning process and possessed the scientific experience. As a result, Linco teamed up with the university in the process of developing the HFS 2010 to design a high frequency stunning solution for poultry processors.

The aim was and is to preserve inbound quality of the birds delivered as good as possible. The most significant task is to avoid injuries to the bird which can have a negative influence on the quality of the finished product. With this starting point, Linco recognises the important criteria for the stunning process below:

– Taking chickens to the stunner in a smooth movement
– Reducing stress levels to a minimum. Stress immediately prior to stunning will lead to a deterioration of the meat quality
– Keeping birds calm when entering the stunning tub in order to obtain full contact with the water and as a result instant stunning
– Ensuring full contact with the water in the stunner for 6-8 seconds, resulting in effective stunning until the chicken dies from bleeding

High Frequency Stunner 2010
The HFS 2010 guides birds into the machine by means of a height adjustable ramp, which gently raises the head of the chicken and following drops the head in the water to make fast contact with the water. Also, space around the birds has been created to minimise the risk of bird contact with live material. The depth of water in the tub is designed to have all birds stunned, despite of difference in size.

When developing the HFS 2010, hygiene has been taken into consideration. Thus, all parts of the tub can be opened or removed in the cleaning process which means that bacteria, such as salmonella and campylobacter, will be eliminated during cleaning. At the same time, the design makes it possible that birds can be watched during operation in order to facilitate a possible height correction by means of a hand pump mounted on one of the sides.

Working with scientific expertise
The University of Bristol has assisted Linco in the interpretation of the EU regulation and advised on optimal handling of the chickens in connection with the stunning process. The HFS 2010 has been developed according to EU regulation EC No. 1099/2009. This regulation has been passed with the aim of improving the animal welfare at the killing time and towards 2013, it will imply considerable changes at the slaughterhouses in their handling of the birds until the killing point. Based on these guidelines, the Linco HFS 2010 stunner takes animal welfare, regulations and meat quality into consideration.

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