Local poultry production encouraged in Bahamas

24-01-2011 | | |

Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) chairman Edison M. Key wants to help increase the local production of poultry products. With the assistance of College of The Bahamas poultry scientist Ronald Justin Taylor, BAIC is planning instructional facilities for the North Andros agri-industrial park.

“There is a huge market for poultry products in The Bahamas,” said Key. “Chicken is a mainstay of the national diet.  And, although chickens are relatively easy to raise, the vast majority of our poultry products, to the tune of many millions of dollars, is imported.”   

“We import 100% wings and leg quarters from the United States,” he observed. “These are sourced from places like Brazil at reduced cost and somehow dumped into the Bahamian market.  

“So, the market for a fresh Bahamian product, which is superior to the imported products, is wide open.” He said centrally located Andros “has what it takes” for poultry production – lots of land and a good supply of fresh water. 

“Consumers in today’s society are looking for fresh locally produced birds,” he said. “Through this initiative we can supply the local market in such a way that we do not have to depend on product of dubious quality. We can produce a fresher product, and create a lot of jobs.”  

Source: Bahamas Islands Info