Lohmann AH Indonesia enters feed additive business

20-10-2011 | | |

Known as a professional poultry vaccine producer by Indonesian poultry stakeholders, PT Lohmann Animal Health Indonesia is now ready to expand their business in feed additives.

Haryono Jatmiko, General Manager Lohmann AH Indonesia said that the feed additive market in Indonesia is very big, especially in the poultry sector. “Comparing with the total value of the poultry vaccine market, I predict the total value of the feed additive market to be two or three times higher,” he said.

Although the competition in the feed additive market is tight enough, Jatmiko believes that Lohmann AH Indonesia can get good sales. “Many players in this sector don’t mean they can fulfill all customer needs. Every customer has different needs and specifications. So we believe our products can meet some of the customer needs and specifications,” he said.

To begin, Lohmann AH Indonesia will introduce some key products such as acidifier, colorant and enzyme. Jatmiko informed, these products are currently in the process of registration and will get the registration number soon. “For colorant product which is used to manipulate yolk colour of egg, the market potency is big. Some hotels are now looking for different yolk colour. The consumers also will follow this trend along with their increasing income,” he explained.