Lohmann Animal Health and Suguna create joint venture in India

12-08-2010 | | |
Lohmann Animal Health and Suguna create joint venture in India

Lohmann Animal Health, a global supplier in the Animal Health business with particular emphasis on Poultry biologicals, joins forces with Suguna, one of the biggest poultry companies in India. In their new joint venture they will manufacture and market a full range of poultry vaccines in India.

The new JV company, Globion India Private Limited, is located in the Genome Valley in Hyderabad, India. Approximately 15 million USD will be invested in the new JV. Globion has recently commissioned a state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing facility complying with GMP standards.

The new company will produce a whole range of live and inactivated vaccines for breeders, layers and broilers – to be marketed under the “GlobiVac” brand.

According to managing director B. Soundararajan of Suguna Poultry, their philosophy has always been achieving excellence in quality. He is confident that Globion will be able to meet the high quality standards expected by the Indian poultry industry.

The objective of the new JV will be to start a new era and pave the way for the transfer of high-end technology from Germany to India.

Mr Markus Wesjohann, managing director of Lohmann Animal Health expects a good future for this new JV. LAH is present in all major poultry-producing countries and enjoys a strong position in speciality vaccines, e.g. Salmonella and Chicken Anaemia Vaccines. In his opinion the GlobiVac brand will be “German technology, made in India “.

LAH has manufacturing facilities in Germany and the USA. The new JV in India will extend their worldwide activities.


Ad Bal Freelance journalist