Lohmann Tierzucht converts incubators to increase hatchery capacity

05-11-2010 | | |

Lohmann Tierzucht has decided to convert all their existing hatchers (22 in total) of their Grand Parent hatchery in Dorum, Germany to Emka Incubators’ concept “Teggnologic27”.

Simultaneously, Lohmann will also increase their hatcher capacity with 3 new Emka Incubators hatchers.

Lohmann made this decision after testing one Emka Incubators hatcher VH-192-H equipped with the “Teggnologic27” system. Incubators equipped with this new system operate with cooling water of 27°C instead of the 12°C to 15°C needed in traditional machines, which leads to considerable advantages for both the hatchery and the day-old chicks: substantial reduction of energy consumption for the production of cooling water, completely dry cooling pipes thanks to the absence of condensation in the machine and better chick quality. Lohmann has compared quality, uniformity, quantity of day-old chicks, first-week mortality rate, and found considerable better results with the “Teggnologic27” system.

Lohmann will combine this new cooling system with a fluff collection and exhaust air filtering system, which reduces the hatcher and fluff tunnel cleaning time to an absolute minimum.

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