Lubing designs cleaning unit for conveyor chains

23-05-2011 | | |
Lubing designs cleaning unit for conveyor chains

Regardless of the number of units and barn size, hygiene in the egg production process is becoming more and more important around the world. To meet with these demands, Lubing developed a new cleaning unit for egg conveyor chains.

The new unit consists of a special cleaning basin, which can be integrated directly into the conveyor system, even on existing installations. The ultrasound cleaning process works with hot water and the addition of a cleaning agent. The conveyor chain is guided through the cleaning basin. In there, dirt is removed thoroughly from the chain, as this is the carrier for bacteria and salmonella or fungus infestations. Once the cleaning process is complete, the conveyor chain is pulled from the basin with the deflection unit. The chain dries thanks to the heated rods.

The new Lubing cleaning unit is suitable for stationary or mobile use.
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