Madrid prepares for IEC 2013 Conference

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Madrid prepares for IEC 2013 Conference
Madrid prepares for IEC 2013 Conference

The International Egg Commission (IEC) is looking forward to welcoming delegates to the heart of the European egg industry for the IEC Madrid 2013 Conference, taking place from 7th to 9th April 2013.

IEC Chairman, Joanne Ivy, says “We are delighted to be holding this year’s meeting in Madrid, not only is the city an exceptionally important capital within the EU, but Spain is one of Europe’s largest egg industries, with excellent business and cultural links with Latin America. This, combined with the opportunity to meet and network with leaders and key decision makers within our industry, makes this an event not to be missed”.

Inprovo, the Spanish Egg Association, welcomes the IEC to it’s capital city, and is looking forward to strengthening relations between its members and the international egg industry.

The IEC will be presenting a two day program, of inspiring speakers, sharing their expertise and offering invaluable insights, at such an important time in our industry’s development. 

Speakers during the conference will include:

Professor David Hughes will open the conference with a stimulating presentation on “Taking on the big boys: can eggs and egg products exploit declining red meat consumption in developed countries”

Dr Vincent Covello will address delegates on “The Artful Application of Crisis Communications” and how to ensure your business is prepared for the unexpected now that technology has shortened the crisis response times to 24hours to six minutes 

Dr Alejando Thiermann from the OIE will be discussing “Global Animal Health Challenges and the Role of the Egg Industry”, and how the IEC and its members can help during future Avian Influenza issues

Professor Louise Fresco specialises in the foundations of sustainable development in an international context at the University of Amsterdam, and will look at providing the balance between providing sufficient food for everybody, without destroying our planets resources.

Dr Tjeerd Kimman will be outlining lessons learnt a decade after the 2003 Netherlands Avian Influenza outbreak.

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