Malaysian poultry breeders advised to vaccinate against blight

20-01-2011 | | |

The Terengganu veterinary department has advised poultry breeders to vaccinate their poultry in view of a blight epidemic in the state, the Malaysian National News Agency is reporting.

Deputy director, Dr Ahmad Shafri Hassan, said the disease had infected fowl in several areas of Kuala Terengganu. “We advise chicken breeders in areas still free of the disease to have their livestock vaccinated,” he said.

Thousands of chicken in the district have died of the blight in the last week, with breeders estimated to be losing more than 100,000 ringgit (€25,000).

It is thought that many breeders may have stopped vaccinating their flocks against the disease as it had not occurred for a long time.

Terengganu Breeders Association secretary, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, said that blight normally followed a flood and that the association had asked breeders in villages not affected by the disease to contact the veterinary office to help them protect their poultry.