Member States agree on traceability rules for animal by-products

12-09-2007 | | |
Member States agree on traceability rules for animal by-products

At the Standing Committee for the Food Chain and Animal Health, Member States endorsed a proposal by the Commission which aims to improve the traceability of animal by-products through identification and marking systems.

According to the proposal, the Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 1774/2002 should be amended so that colour-coded packaging or vehicles are used for any animal by-products being moved from one Member State to another.
Pre-set colours to be used, depending on the type of animal by-products being transported:
• Black for Category 1 material such as carcasses from which specified risk material has not been removed
• Yellow for Category 2 material such as fallen stock
• Green for Category 3 material such as meat fit for human consumption but removed from the food chain for commercial reasons.
Member States will be allowed to introduce complementary colour-coding systems for animal by-products transported only at national level. The rules for the commercial documentation that must accompany any animal by-products being transported within the EU will also be altered slightly to further enhance traceability.
Additionally, the decision will make it compulsory to mark meat-and-bone meal and animal fat from rendering plants which process Category 1 and 2 animal by-products. The marking substance glyceroltriheptanoate must be used to do this.
Member States can introduce additional national marking requirements for other animal by-products which will remain within their territories. The Commission will now formally adopt this decision, and it will enter into effect on 1 July 2008.