Merck Animal Health partners with layer operations on Salmonella

18-09-2012 | | |
Merck Animal Health partners with layer operations on Salmonella

Merck Animal health plans to partner with layer operations underscoring its commitment to Salmonella control programs.

Commercial egg-laying operators are keenly aware of how important effective disease management is to the health and production of their flocks, especially when the disease has the potential to result in food-borne illness. That’s why Merck Animal Health is committed to partnering with egg producers to find an effective and FDA-compliant solution for the prevention of Salmonella.

“At the end of 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration published final guidelines for egg producers to help them further comply with the FDA egg safety rule. That ruling, coupled with the concerns we hear from our customers, has affirmed our commitment to developing vaccines that enable the producers to effectively protect not only their flocks, but also their businesses and reputations,” notes Charles Broussard, DVM, MAM, Technical Marketing at Merck Animal Health.

While many food-borne illnesses that were once a major threat to consumers have been nearly eliminated, Salmonella continues to be a concern to human, as well as poultry, health. Flock management practices that include vaccination against Salmonella can notably reduce the chance of an outbreak.

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