Merial welcomes Colombian poultry veterinarians to France

16-02-2011 | | |

Merial recently hosted a visit by several Colombian key customers to its poultry vaccine production facilities and European headquarters at Lyon, France. The Colombian customers had the opportunity to tour Merial’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Lyon Porte des Alpes.

The delegation also attended a technical seminar with Merial’s scientists and researchers regarding the use and history of infectious bursal disease (IBD) vectored vaccines technology in today’s poultry industry.

Since its introduction to Colombia in 2008, more than 30% of poultry producers have used VAXXITEK™ HVT+IBD, Merial’s novel vector vaccine. VAXXITEK™ HVT + IBD is licensed for the hatchery vaccination of broilers, layers and breeders against IBD and Marek’s disease. VAXXITEK™ HVT+IBD is recognised by many leading Colombian  veterinarians as providing a significant advantage for the management and effective control of IBD as well as preserving the integrity of the bird’s immune system.

IBD is one of the most widely recognized diseases affecting chickens globally and is a major cause of immunosuppression and mortality. Today in Colombia and elsewhere, vector vaccine technology is a very effective way to control IBD and to improve live production parameters and processing efficiencies such as uniformity, condemnation rates and meat yield.

“The seminar created a unique opportunity to share and exchange technical information about the use of IBD vectored technology in the poultry industry today between our valued customers and Merial’s scientists and manufacturing experts”, concluded Dr. Juan Carlos Orrego, Carval Avian Business Manager.

Source: Merial