Meyn and Praxair sign agreement on CAS stunning technology

24-11-2010 | | |

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. and Praxair, Inc. have signed an agreement regarding the development and marketing of a new Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) system for the poultry processing industry for Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The Praxair developed carbon dioxide (CO2) based CAS technology may be used in
combination with the new Meyn drawer system as well as with Meyn’s container systems.
This combination of technologies eliminates the processing and transporting of active
birds. It furthermore reduces handling stress and damage to the birds.

Meyn is a global specialist in poultry processing. Praxair, with over 100
years of industrial gases experience, is an authority in food processing technologies,
including carbon dioxide (CO2) use within the food processing industry.

Processors will benefit from the joined technologies provided by Meyn and Praxair resulting in a
comprehensive solution for poultry processing. Additional benefits that may be realised
with the combined technologies include: enhanced worker conditions, improved animal
welfare as well as economic gains due to optimised product quality and yield.

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