Miratorg implements large poultry project

12-03-2012 | | |

Agricultural holding Miratorg, one of the largest pork and compound feed producers in Russia has recently launched the large investment project for poultry production, named “Ptizevodstvo” (Poultry farming).

Currently it is constructing the feed mill and grain storage, a complex for the slaughter and processing of poultry meat and three (out of seven planned) broiler chicken farms.

The total volume of investments allocated for the project is 19.3 billion rubles (US 873 mln), which makes it one of the largest projects ever in Russia in the area of poultry production. The new enterprise will have a completely closed production cycle. The large feed mill will have a production capacity of 360,000 tonnes of pelleted feed per year.

The new complexes will use the new Patio broiler growing technology. In this system, chicks are hatching in a tiered cage system in the growing house.

In addition, the agro-industrial holding company has already started building a processing plant. The company plans to complete construction by December of 2012. Production capacity of this modern complex will be about 100 thousand tonnes of meat per year.

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