Moba to continue activities of Coenraadts

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Moba to continue activities of Coenraadts

Moba will continue the activities of Coenraadts Machinefabriek bv. Coenraadts, manufacturer of egg processing equipment and peripherals for the egg processing industry, was declared bankrupt on the 24th of January 2012.

Moba’s first priority is to ensure professional service and availability of parts to the large customer base of Coenraadts. The experience and technology within the former Coenraadts company will further strengthen the egg processing activities of Moba.
The activities will be continued under a the name of “Moba Coenraadts”. The majority of the employees will remain active in the current facility in Zaandam. For service and parts the current phone and addresses will remain the same; see for details as well as for the webshop.
Source: Moba

Ad Bal Freelance journalist