Moldavian poultry industry lacks government support

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Moldavian poultry industry lacks government support
Moldavian poultry industry lacks government support

The poultry industry in Moldova has found itself in a difficult situation following the summer drought and the rise of feed prices, say market participants. The country’s government however, has declined the proposition of the poultry producers to allocate funds to support the industry as well as to limit the export of grain to stop the further increasing of the level of feed prices.

“The government declined our proposals to release producers from the payment of value added tax on the feed import, as well as the proposal to introduce a temporary ban on grain exports, and it makes the local manufacturer of dietary meat uncompetitive with imports. We open our market to poultry meat from Ukraine, Romania and Brazil. The smuggling will soon also be booming” said general director of Moldavian poultry production company VISPAS & C Basil Pascari.

He also pointed out that in neighbouring Ukraine, the government is making every effort to avoid the consequences of severe drought – in particular the state pay preferences to save not only the breeding livestock and poultry, but all animals in every  farm. In neighbouring Romania for each broiler grown to the required condition the government pays EUR 0.50. In Moldova the poultry industry is not subsidised at all.

Pascari also expressed concern that Moldova will not be able to establish export of poultry meat in the EU despite the government claims. “Not even one slaughterhouse at our poultry farms will pass the examination of European phytosanitary certification bodies. We simply do not keep up with technology and the requirements of the EU,” he concluded.