MSD Animal Health updates poultry vaccines guide

28-02-2012 | | |
MSD Animal Health updates poultry vaccines guide

MSD Animal Health has updated its safety guide for the use of inactivated poultry vaccines. The wallet-sized guide has become popular with poultry managers seeking to remind staff of the potential dangers from accidentally self-injecting and the immediate steps which should be taken in the event that this unintentionally occurs.

Many MSD Animal Health poultry vaccines contain an oil-in-water emulsion designed to promote effective immune response following vaccination. Inactivated vaccines are commonly used in animal health and livestock production. The specific MSD Animal Health vaccines are listed in the guide. Key information on what immediate actions to take should accidental self-vaccination occur are explained.

Dr Sarah Rennie, Integrated Livestock Marketing Manager at MSD Animal Health explains, “Accidental self-vaccination is rare but should it happen staff need clear direction on the correct action to take. Producers in the UK recognise their responsibilities in ensuring that staff handle and apply vaccines safely. The purpose of this guide is to provide the necessary detail enabling all staff to understand the risks and implement appropriate safety protocols.”

Poultry producers, consultants and vets can request a free copy of the guide by contacting MSD Animal Health

Source: MSD Animal Health