Murray’s Chicken: online farm source verification system launched

14-11-2007 | | |

What is said to be the first ever online farm source verification system for poultry has been launched by Murray’s Chicken.

Consumers now have the option of accessing information about the farm where their all-natural poultry was raised, free of antibiotics and hormones, says the supplier.
This verification system utilises the mapping capabilities of Google Maps and Google Earth to provide shoppers with access to information about the turkey and chicken family farmers that Murray’s Chicken worked with that day. The system launches with six farmers, who will tell their stories, and will grow to include over 40 area farmers.
To access the system, click here. Here you will be able to type in the ID number found on the Murray’s chicken and turkey packages, see images of the farms, and read about the chicken and turkey family farmers that Murray’s worked with that day.
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