Namibia’s NPI launches three domestically produced brands

22-05-2012 | | |

The Namib Poultry Industry (NPI) company rounded off its new product launches with Namchicken, which joins the earlier released CountryChoice chicken and Realgood chicken.

The three Namibian-produced chicken brands represent a departure for Namibia, where the previously only conusmed chicken imported from South Africa and Brazil.

“Consumers can look forward to purchasing local chicken brands from retail shops across Namibia as our brands continue to enter the market,” NPI general manager Gys White said during a media conference in the capital.

Namibia’s own large-scale chicken farm is situated on the Klein Okapuka farm, about 30 kilometres from Windhoek towards Okahamdja.

With the capacity to rear 250,000 chickens and produce 2,000 tonnes of chicken per month, NPI intends to contribute to the domestic food security of Namibia significantly, said White.

NPI is expected to contribute N. dollars 290 million (about US$35.27 million) to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The poultry farm is expected to be inaugurated in mid-June this year.

Source: Bernama  

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