National Nutrition Council promotes poultry egg consumption

10-12-2007 | | |
National Nutrition Council promotes poultry egg consumption

The National Nutrition Council in the Philippines is encouraging the public to consume eggs.

According to a message by top nutritionist and executive director, Maria Bernardita Flores, the content of an egg has a remarkable nutrition profile and is a nutrient-dense food.
Flores gave strength to her message by continuing in saying that eggs are the cheapest source of high quality protein and a considerable amount of essential vitamins and minerals that are in general, in a form that the body can use easily.
The ‘promotion’ of eggs is aimed at encouraging families to raise poultry as a source of food and additional income. Additionally, the Council wants to increase awareness on the nutritive value of poultry meat and eggs and, in turn, increase consumption in the domestic market. Flores said that the encouragement of consumption of eggs is contained in the 4th Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos to address nutrient deficiencies in the Filipino diet.
The message stated that many people refrain from eating eggs because of much talk surrounding its cholesterol content. However, Flores noted that eggs are a good source of Vitamin A and iron, adding that eating an egg a day is alright as long as an individual watches his overall saturated fat intake.
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