Necessities for broiler performance and liveability

31-10-2014 | | |
Necessities for broiler performance and liveability

Dutch poultry equipment manufacturer Jansen Poultry Equipment has highlighted products which it considers to be necessities for broiler performance and liveability.

The BroMaxx multi-tier broiler colony system offers an efficient way of growing an uniform and healthy broiler flock with perfect meat quality. The FlexFloor slats let manure pass through easily and offer birds and comfortable living surface. Breast blisters and food pad dermatitis do not occur. Manure belts transport manure out of the house resulting in a much healthier air environment and therefore healthy respiratory. Good health of broilers automatically leads to better growth, less use of antibiotics and optimised production of more flocks per year. But there is more to improve the performance of the broilers. Jansen Poultry Equipment designed new systems that guarantee the most important necessities of life and therefore increase the performance and liveability.

How bigger the house gets how more challenging it becomes to supply sufficient feed to all broilers in all compartments. Jansen Poultry Equipment designed a new feed distribution system that claims to guarantee the supply of feed to all broilers in all compartments, regardless the number of birds in the house and/ or the weight of the broilers.  The system consists of a special feed chain and supply mechanism that will provide every row and eventually every single feed pan with sufficient feed. The feed chain is made out of hardened quality so a long lifespan is guaranteed.

If you would like to register the water consumption of your birds, it would be logic if only water used for consumption would be measured. But most often also flushing water is being registered which gives an unrealistic data of the water consumption of the birds. In order to get right data, Jansen Poultry Equipment developed a water registration system that only measures water that is being used for consumption by birds. Water is the most important necessity of the broilers life. Too low consumption of water will lead to less performance and higher mortality.  Correct data is important in order to control the water consumption of the birds and to take action when necessary.

Source: Jansen Poultry Equipment