New all-natural brine system targets poultry

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New all-natural brine system targets poultry

The global launch of a new brine system offers an all-natural solution for the replacement of phosphates in poultry applications.


Developed through a collaboration between three companies – Marigot, AllinAll Ingredients and Naturis – the product delivers a specific functionality in the components of the system that is not currently available elsewhere.

Referred to as ‘All Natural Brine System,’ the new product consists of a blend of natural ingredients formulated to improve yields and enhance taste in poultry meats.  These benefits are achieved through increased mineral and binding activity, compared to synthetic alternatives such as sodium phosphate, as well as reduced cook loss.

“Phosphate reduction is a growing issue for meat producers under pressure from retailers and consumers for more natural products – particularly in the markets we are targeting,” comments Daniel Hickey, MD AllinAll Ingredients; “As an e-number free product, the All Natural Brine System offers the sought-after clean label declaration, as well as the important functional benefits traditionally delivered by phosphates.”

All Natural Brine System will be marketed by AllinAll Ingredients as part of its functional ingredients portfolio for the international meat market – with particular focus on the UK, EU and Middle East markets.

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