New hatchery technology to support US poultry growth

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New hatchery technology to support US poultry growth
New hatchery technology to support US poultry growth

A year of intense collaboration between the R&D teams of NatureForm Hatchery Technologies in the USA and Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies in Europe has created a new series of single stage incubation equipment.

Designed to give birds the best start in life, the Smart NF incubation series optimises uniformity, with the precision to create incubation environments that help them to achieve their full genetic potential, a statement announcing the launch claimed.

Just like the Smart and SmartPro series from Pas Reform, Smart NF can be integrated with Pas Reform’s SmartCenterPro hatchery monitoring software for the optimised control and performance analysis of incubators, HVAC and Hatchery Automation Systems.

NatureForm Hatchery Technologies is committed to delivering effective solutions for the US poultry industry for the long term – and claims that the Smart NF is a single stage incubation series that not only meets today’s needs, but with the benefit of some of the most advanced research in the world, will adapt to changing demands in incubation for the next twenty years.

To achieve homogeneous embryo temperatures throughout every section of the Smart NF incubator series, the incubators have individual PID control in each fan tower zone to deliver precise heating, cooling and ventilation for a tailored single stage incubation environment and a cooling capacity that is among the highest in the industry.

As much as zonal control is important for homogeneous embryo temperature, to achieve true homogeneity requires an unimpeded airflow over each hatching egg. In Smart NF Series incubators, every trolley is turned individually in line with the airflow produced by the incubator’s fan tower. This ensures the synchronisation of embryo development during incubation, which contributes to reducing the hatch window.

In a single stage incubation environment, achieving the correct weight loss profile for each hatching egg is critical to producing maximum numbers of the highest quality day old chicks. Smart NF incubators provide active simultaneous measurement and control of humidity and CO2 during incubation using Adaptive Metabolic Feedback, a concept proven to ensure that pre-determined breed or flock specific weight loss patterns are followed and achieved.

For modern hatcheries, energy efficiency and the reduction of operational costs are key challenges – and important development criteria for our new incubator series. The inclusion of the Energy Saving Module (ESM) means that energy efficient, frequency controlled direct drive motors make Smart NF incubators among the most energy efficient incubators available today.

In addition, the new Smart NF incubators are fully compatible with SmartCenterPro hatchery information software to deliver comprehensive hatchery data, while at the same time supporting the most detailed Track and Trace requirements.