New hatchery ventilation concept from Chick Master

04-05-2010 | | |
New hatchery ventilation concept from Chick Master

At VIV Europe the CC3-GL unit was an impressive device on the Chick Master stand. This CC3 is a new concept in hatchery ventilation that gives everything needed to provide incubators with perfectly conditioned air and chilled water in one self contained unit.

It also provides primary and secondary heat recovery, dry air cooling and dehumidification. Its applications are wide. For example, it is easy and cost-effective to install for hatchery expansions or new hatchery constructions, and it can also prolong the life, or supplement existing equipment that is unable to cope with the extra pressures put on it by hatchery expansions, larger egg sizes and the effects of global warming. In warm climates it can solve the problem of high humidity, says Chick Master.

The CC3 is also available in the RT range which is offered as a cost effective and flexible alternative to conventional hatchery roof top units. It provides dehumidification, heat recovery, full variable air supply and hot water heating and much more.

Connect the CC3 to existing hatchery pipe-work, ductwork, system sensors and auto dampers to become operational. Both systems are engineered, built, tested and commissioned to guarantee perfect performance, at the Chick Master facilities in the US and the UK.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist