New layer breed invented in Bangladesh

30-06-2011 | | |

The Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI) has invented a new type of layer breed. The so called BLRI-1 was invented by conducting research on two Japanese breeds ‘Pure Line’ and ‘Selective Breeding’, BLRI director general Khan Shahidul Haque said.


“The new breed is more productive than imported ones. It will be able to reduce foreign dependence in the poultry industry,” Khan Shahidul Haque said. According to livestock secretary Ujjal Bikash Dutt, every year 700,000 to 800,000 layer parents are imported, which are worth Tk 210 to 280 million (2.8 – 3.7 million USD).

“BLRI-1 will reduce foreign dependence and protein deficiency,” he said. BLRI chief scientific officer Nazrul Islam said BLRI-1 would lay around 292 eggs in a year and it would be less prone to diseases as it is suited to the country’s climate. “Farmers of Dinajpur and Noakhali have already profited from a test farming of 5,000 of this breed,” he said.


Ad Bal Freelance journalist