New layer feed products from Schaumann

27-05-2010 | | |

German mineral feed ingredient specialist is introducing a feed supplement that improves shell quality and health of laying hens, especially aimed at home mixing farms.

High quality feeding is an important factor for optimum performance and economic success in laying hen enterprises. Own-farm feed mixes enable rapid reaction to farm-specific requirements in every production phase.

The aim of Schaumann development work is to produce feeds allowing optimum exploitation of modern layer genetics during all production phases – an approach which has led to innovative improvement of the Ovital programme for laying hens.

This high performance mineral feed and supplements contains up to three different calcium sources and functional lignocellulose. Results include improved shell stability, smoother eggshells, high animal health and quieter, more vital, hens.

In this way with limited outlay egg farmers can produce safe and high value laying hen feed for the production of quality eggs.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist