New layer hatchery Verbeek opened

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New layer hatchery Verbeek opened

Layer hatchery Verbeek in the Netherlands opened its brand new hatchery facilities near the city of Zeewolde.

With an annual capacity of 30 million chicks, the new hatchery is considered one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. Incubators were supplied by Emka from Belgium. These are equipped with Teggnologic27 technology, using cooling water of a higher temperature. According to managing director Pieter Kruit of Verbeek, these Emka machines are specifically suitable for hatching eggs of layer strains.

The hatchery is build according to the latest views on hygiene and biosecurity. There is a strict separation in areas for egg handling and for the chicks. Ventilation and conditioning of air is separate for each room. The building has an advanced chick handling room. Sexing, vaccination and beak treatment can be done on one handling line. Beak trimming is done with infra red technology.
The objective of Verbeek was to build a hatchery that uses as less energy as possible. One measure to achieve that goal was to use embryonic energy for heating the floors in the building. Also this energy is used to warm the water for cleaning the crates.
“The investment in this new layer hatchery is a strong move of Verbeek, in order to safeguard future deliveries of quality day old layer chicks in the years to come. It is a investment in the future of the European layer industry”, according to Pieter Kruit.
The new hatchery is located in a crop production area, which is a major advantage related to disease pressure. Not any other poultry is kept within a wide radius from the facilities.
In early February, production in the current Verbeek hatchery near the village of Lunteren, will have come to an end. From that moment, all production will take place in the new Zeewolde facilities. Together with the opening ceremony, Verbeek switched to a new house style.
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