New line weigher for sorting lines

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New line weigher for sorting lines

Later this year, Meyn will launch the new line weigher for sorting lines. This carousel type machine was developed especially for use in high capacity lines and combines Meyn’s 30 year experience in accurate line weighing with more recent insights on high speed processing.

Frame and centre section of the machine are based on the line weigher for the Physic HS cut up line, with proven accuracy and durability. Double weighing sensors and extended run on and run off guides provide a stable signal even at extremely high processing speeds.

Completely new though is the weighing sorting shackle, WS1 type. In transport mode, the shackle and suspension form one rigid structure, allowing cornering, rehanging and drop off at high speed.

In the line weigher, the shackle part is detached from the suspension, giving room for accurate weighing without interference from the overhead conveyor. The shackles are typically applied on 10″ centres, which is sufficient to keep the wings of subsequent birds apart from each other at live weights up to 3.5 kg.

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